>Sally ride EarthKam showcase_

During 2021, I signed up for the Sally Ride EarthKam program run by NASA. When Earthkam runs 4 times a year during mission periods of about a week, students are able to request images of locations on earth along the orbits of the ISS. I sent in my requests based on the suggestions of my classmates, and started receiving them a few days later. here is a showcase of all the images that I recieved. You can sign up for Sally Ride EarthKam at earthkam.org

[All credit goes to NASA and the Sally Ride EarthKam team.]

[The images may take a bit to load for the first time.]

Bali, Indonesia

Beesdam, South Australia

Bouganville Island, Papua New Guinea

Bruny Island, Tasmania

Cape Portland, Tasmania

Clouds Near the Falkland Islands

Clouds Near Melbourne

Desert in Chad, Africa

Desert Near Adelaide, NSW, Australia

Desert in Saudi Arabia

Early Morning in Japan

Cloud cover over the Florida Coast

Unusual cloud patterns over the galapagos islands

Gibson Desert, South Australia

Clouds north of Hawaii

Mountains just south of the Himalayas

Lake Gordon and surrounding area, Tasmania

Cygnet and lower Hobart area, Tasmania

Lake Nasser

Land near Andes mountains, South America

Settlements around Cairo, Egypt

Lonnavale and Bruny Island, Tasmania

Morning clouds near Victoria, Australia

Terrain bordering Israel

Sahara Desert

Sea near South America

South-west Kalimantan

Sri Lanka

Suez Gulf, Egypt

Outskirts of Bankok, Thailand

West-coast New Zealand

White Nile river, Africa